Hej my name is Kea Jansen, I am from the Netherlands but a live already a few years in Sweden.

I have bean creative my whole life, drawing, painting and many more. But I am after a graphic career ( Royal Academy of Art, graphic lyceum, and my own advertisement agency) now landed in ceramic design.

I have my atelier near my house, and you kan find me there almost daily.

In Sweden I am inspired by nature. My driftwood art is a good example. The wood i am finding will be inspected closely, and will lead me to an animal or a fantasy one. The rest of the animal I will create from clay, it is the birth off a interesting piece off art.

Natures creation and a little bit of mine.

I have not completely abandoned my graphic history. For me it is very interesting to create a graphic design on a simpel but clean and interesting shape. The whole artwork will be done by underglaze and stencils, then you come to a whole.

Throwing at the weal is in its experimental fase, I'd love to make so much more than just round shapes.