Art, what is art? I can only write what I understand by art. For me art is a form of expression, and it is a visual art in my case. You can see it and possibly touch it. Art should inspire or at least make you think. Do I like this or not? What does the artist mean by this work? How is it made? And especially why? Art is usually not made in series, it is a unique object. Art is not a definition of beautiful. Beautiful is different for everyone.

My art is inspired by my environment, especially by what I see or what I don't see, but think I see. So not too difficult, but rather straightforward. It is clear what it is and then of course you are left with the question: (Is it beautiful?) (Does it tell you something?) Completely up to you.

But most of all, enjoy it!

I also make my interpretation on a topic that is provided and chosen by a client. It remains a Kea Jansen.

If you are interested in my work or are you thinking about having one made, please contact me.